Online Artefact Finished – YEEHAA!!

What a huge month I have had and no doubt most of the students in EDC3100. I have to say my head is still spinning and I am exhausted, but at the same time I am sooooo proud of myself and just how far I have come. I have surprised myself!!! I have to admit that I knew nothing in relation to blogging, creating websites and all these new and wonderful tools that I have experimented with over the last 4 weeks. When looking at some of the sample online artefacts by past students, I sat here and cried – I thought to myself – HOW??? How was I going to do something even remotely like that.?  I didn’t know even where to begin. WOW – How far I have come.  My online artefact by all means isn’t going to be used as an example one for future students, but I am proud of it, and what I have accomplished.  I am so relieved to be over this part – and I have made it!!! I never thought I would get this far.  Now it is time for me to spend some time with my family and get some well overdue sleep.  Now for the next chapter of the EDC3100 adventure to begin.


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